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For a small business, a digital letterhead can be a powerful branding tool. Having one at the ready can make creating branded letters, speaking engagement handouts, invoices, contracts and all other paperwork very easy.

If you use your brand on all of the communications that you send out, it's more likely that your customers will see your business as established and credible.

Corporate Branding . . .

Letterhead marketing is applicable to businesses that send out letters to customers and partners.

By branding your letters by placing your corporate logo and contact details on the sheet of paper, your company helps strengthen your identity using this particular form of communication.

Professional look . . .

Also, letterheads are a form of representation. These must be printed and produced in such a way that their quality and layout reflects the business of the sender.

Letterheads, printed on flimsy paper stock and with poor color choices, sent out by an organization that provides professional design services would not represent said organization well.